Pershing Scales New Heights

This summer, Derek Pershing, a real estate attorney with Wilson Cribbs + Goren, PC, took a climbing trip to Europe. He first tackled Gran Paradiso in the Graian Alps, the highest mountain solely within Italy with an elevation of 13,323 feet. Next he reached the summit on the French side of Mont Blanc, the highest mountain in the Alps as well as in Europe (outside of Russia), with an elevation of 15,781 feet.

According to Derek, mountain climbing has some characteristics in common with the practice of law. For instance, both require extensive preparation and attention to details.

Derek is a former soldier in the United States Army who was deployed in Afghanistan during Operation Enduring Freedom. He’s not sure about his next climbing adventure conquest but is considering the Matterhorn (Europe), Vinson Massif (Antartica), Kilimanjaro (Africa), and Denali (North America).  


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