Texas Lending & Financial Institution Law Experience

Our Houston Texas attorneys have experience in the following:

Insurance Company Loan Closing Counsel
Acted as closing counsel for a substantial insurance company in its Texas real estate lending, including assistance in loan structuring, creation of Texas loan documentation, overseeing due diligence, negotiating loan documentation and handling loan closings issues.

Real Estate Lending
Handled real estate loan transactions of all types (residential, commercial, construction, term, mini-perm) by all types of lenders including $15,000,000 hotel rehabilitation loan with HUD subordinated financing and $40,000,000 loan package for 8 complexes with 2500 units with Wall Street subordinated financing.

Business Loans
Handled general business lending transactions.

Our Houston Texas foreclosure attorneys have handled all manner of collateral foreclosures, real and personal property, judicial and non judicial, public and private UCC sales.

Lending Disputes
Handled all manner of lender related litigation, including collection, real estate deficiency actions, lender liability, judicial foreclosure, ad valorem tax valuation disputes, bankruptcy (small business, real estate single asset, Chapter 11, Chapter 13 and Chapter 7) and condemnations.

Our Houston Texas bankruptcy attorneys have handled on behalf of lenders bankruptcy of virtually every type of borrower with every type of loan, including substantial experience representing secured lenders in real estate single asset bankruptcy. Experience in Small Business bankruptcy. Represented significant secured lenders in the Ninfa's, Watermarc and Ye Seeker's bankruptcies. Participated in the Continental, MJ Stores and ARI (American Rice) bankruptcies.

Regulatory Agencies
Represented Federal Regulatory Agencies (FSLIC, RTC and FDIC) in handling large numbers of defaulted loans and related legal issues such as loan workouts, foreclosures, deficiency actions, lender liability and post-foreclosure ownership and sale matters. Acted as on-site general counsel for a failed financial institution. Participated in the RTC Special Workout Assistance Team (SWAT) program, resolving particularly difficult loan problems.

SBA Loans
Documented, negotiated, closed, modified, worked out and foreclosed SBA loans of all sizes and types.

Conduit/Securitized Loans
Handled for borrowers, real estate loans from most major conduit lenders. Dealt with the often unusual and precise requirements for due diligence, bankruptcy, remote entity structuring, documentation, legal opinions and closing. Ability to close Conduit loans in an efficient, timely manner.

Loan Workouts
Handled substantial number and size of loan workouts from both lender and borrower perspective, including successfully restructuring on the lenders behalf a $22,000,000 office building loan with collateral worth substantially less where the borrower threatened bankruptcy and successfully preventing foreclosure for 6 months by a lender where the borrower client was unable to refinance a matured loan, and preventing foreclosure by negotiating reinstatement of a $5,400,000 apartment loan within 45 days of undertaking representation.

Banking Issues
Experience with many banking law issues such as

  • Safe Deposit Boxes
  • Public accounts
  • Forged checks
  • Bank Tying Act
  • Acquisition of Bank Stock

Bank Stock Loans
Documented and foreclosed bank stock loan and handled sale of foreclosed bank stock.

Loan Commitments
Loan commitment letters, loan applications and loan due diligence.

Title insurance
Coverage, structure to minimize cost and claims. Insurance of unique title, such as Texas Land Office leases on structures over State waters, abandoned streets, strips and gores title (overlooked, un-conveyed land), ground leases.

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